Mar 9, 2012

Arabic Vocabulary for Grocery store items

If you are new to the Arab world or have just begun living in the Arabic speaking country, you would find a dire need to know the names of grocery items in Arabic. These are the items that you buy daily from a groc


ry store or a super market for basic needs. Knowing the names of each item in Arabic is very essential and makes your stay comfortable.

In this article, we have tried our best to collate as many grocery item names as possible along with their Arabic names. In case you don’t find the common items here, kindly let us know via comments.

Here is the list of all the basic grocery items or those words that are used in grocery store, along with their respective Arabic names:

ِArabic word for Customer is زبون

Arabic word for Produce Section is قسم المنتخات الزرا عية

Arabic word for ٍScale is ميزان

Arabic word for Grocery Clerk is بانع في محل البقالة

Arabic word for Pet Food is طعام الحيو انات المنز لية

Arabic word for Aisle is ممر

Arabic word for Cart is عربة تسوق

Arabic word for Manager is مدير

Arabic word for Shopping Basket is سلة التسوق

Arabic word for Self – Checkout is دفع الحساب ذاتيا

Arabic word for Line is صف

Arabic word for Check stand is مركز الدفع

Arabic word for Cashier is أمينة صندوق

Arabic word for Baggier is مكيِّس

Arabic word for Cash Register is آلة تسجيل النقود

Arabic word for Canned Foods is معلبات

Arabic word for Dairy is منتجات الألبان

Arabic word for Grocery Products is منتجات بقالة

Arabic word for Frozen Foods is مأكولات مجمدة

Arabic word for Baking Products is منتجات للخبز

Arabic word for Beverages is مشروبات

Arabic word for Snack Foods is مأكولات خفيفة

Arabic word for Baked Goods is أطعمة مخبوزة



Mar 9, 2012

How to say “Canned Foods” in Arabic

How to say “Canned Foods” in Arabic? Canned foods are used every where and one may require it at any time, irrespective of the place one is in. When one travels into an Arabic speaking country, it is Buy Cialis discount pricesimportant to know the Arabic terms for the basic things like Canned foods. In this article, we give you the Arabic term for Canned foods.
The Arabic word for Canned foods is معلبات (transliteration = Ma’alibaat)
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Mar 9, 2012

How to say Days of the week in Arabic

How to say Days of the week in Arabic language? This is something that will help you when you travel to an Arabic speaking country. It is important to know the names of each day in a week in Arabic, especially when order viagra onlineyou travel to an Arab country. These are used in every day language and comes handy always. Here are the Arabic terms for each day of the Week:
Sunday – Al Ahad (الأحد)
Monday -Al Isnain (الإثْنَيْن)
Tuesday -Al Salaasa (السُّلاساء)
Wednesday -Al Arba’a (الأربعاء)
Thursday -Al Khamees (الخَمِيْس)
Friday -Al Juma’a (الجُمُعة)
Saturday – Al Sabt (السَّبْت)
These do not vary ……

Mar 9, 2012

How to say “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow” in Arabic

Usage of the words Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is very frequent in Arabic just like in nearly all the languages around the world. This is essentially because one cheapest viagra in ukrequires to use these words as a necessity in the daily life irrespective of what profession you are in. Without knowing the right word for these in respective language, it becomes very difficult to carry on with daily chores.
If you want to tell someone to come tomorrow, how will you say that in Arabic? How about asking him to come today in Arabic?
In order to use Yesterday, ……

May 8, 2011

Ways to say good morning

There are many people who would like to know ways to say good morning in different languages. People around the world greet each other by saying good morning but in dicanadian viagrafferent languages.
If you know somebody who can speak in multiple languages then you can learn how to say good morning in different languages from them.
If you are not so lucky then you can learn ways to say good morning in different languages by buying various translation books.
There is another cost effective way of learning how to say good morning in different languages.
If you are having easy access ……

Jan 30, 2011

Nitrous oxide suicide

When considering the large number of nitrous oxide suicide cases, makes one wonder what is it that makes suicide easy and what makes it difficult. It is the circumstBuy Generic Viagra at low price ances under which the person opts for the nitrous oxide suicide.
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Jan 30, 2011

Condolence messages on death of mother

When a mother dies, it is easy to empathize with the family of the bereaved. If you knew the family well then you must write condolence messages on death of mother.Internet-Based Business
Most people feel at loss of words and they resort to the various samples for writing condolence messages on death of mother.
When writing the qualities of a mother, it may seem like you can go on and on, but it is important to keep the note short and brief.
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Jan 30, 2011

How to say goodbye in Arabic

When traveler to certain countries especially in the Middle East, it important that you learn about the various customs and traditions that are commonly followed there.
It is Musviagra order online no prescriptionlim dominated country where most of the people speak in Arabic. You must learn a few phrases in Arabic like how to say good morning in Arabic and how to say goodbye in Arabic?
There are various resources available on the internet that can e used in order to learn how to say goodbye in Arabic. Some of the resources are available free of cost.
There are many ……

Jan 30, 2011

Happy as a sayings

As they say there is no measure for happiness but there are many metaphors that can be used in order to describe how happy you are.
Most people say happy as a sayings in order to express their happiness. There are many famous happy as a sayings and some of them are very funny. Some people like to say as happy as a clam.
Have you ever wondered about the significance of the as happy as a sayings and wondered about what is it that makes one want to compare their happiness to a clam.
According to some people, when ……

Sep 30, 2010

Why did colonists come to America

The answer to the question, “why did colonists come to America” Encompasses the history on the United States of America.
This starts from the time of the initial European settlement and this includes the history of the thirteen colonies in Britain as they declared their independence in the year 1776.
Why did colonist come to America includes the many early attempts by the colonists from England that ended in failure, but it also lead to the formation of many successful colonies.
The European immigrants who came to America were from diverse social and religious groups.
The people who settled in the colonies ……