Arabic Vocabulary for Grocery store items

If you are new to the Arab world or have just begun living in the Arabic speaking country, you would find a dire need to know the names of grocery items in Arabic. These are the items that you buy daily from a groc buy viagra canadian pharmacy e Buy viagra online without prescription ry… Read More »

How to say “Canned Foods” in Arabic

How to say “Canned Foods” in Arabic? Canned foods are used every where and one may require it at any time, irrespective of the place one is in. When one travels into an Arabic speaking country, it is Buy Cialis discount prices important to know the Arabic terms for the basic things like Canned foods.… Read More »

How to say Days of the week in Arabic

How to say Days of the week in Arabic language? This is something that will help you when you travel to an Arabic speaking country. It is important to know the names of each day in a week in Arabic, especially when order viagra online you travel to an Arab country. These are used in… Read More »

How to say “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow” in Arabic

Usage of the words Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is very frequent in Arabic just like in nearly all the languages around the world. This is essentially because one cheapest viagra in uk requires to use these words as a necessity in the daily life irrespective of what profession you are in. Without knowing the right… Read More »

Barack Obama Is Dead – This is how news sounds when reversed!

Assalamalaikum (Peace be on you), Dear Readers, I got an hilarious email this morning which i just couldn’t stop myself from posting here. This email talked about how the news would sound if the Obama – Osama game was reversed. Go through it below, its really funny. Along with being funny, it also has a… Read More »

Ways to say good morning

There are many people who would like to know ways to say good morning in different languages. People around the world greet each other by saying good morning but in di canadian viagra fferent languages. If you know somebody who can speak in multiple languages then you can learn how to say good morning in… Read More »

Osama bin laden dies again! Anymore bonus lives left?

The news about Osama bin laden‘s death, announced by US administration, startled us for a different reason. Where every dumb headed, tongue-tied, unintelligent, boneheaded, victims of idiocrsy were celebrating the fact that they successfully killed a “SUSPECTED” (not confirmed) terrorist, Many were wondering and counting the number of times he was pronounced dead by the… Read More »

Nokia E7 release

Nokia E7 is a business focused Smartphone with MS Office applications and full HTML browser and its features have attracted the customers in general. The phone is a great improvement on Nokia E90 Communicator; the appearance of the E7 is similar to that of Nokia N8 and is available in the same colors with a… Read More »

Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 sales comparison

Nokia N8 sales in UK have been slammed by the sales of iPhone 4. The competition between both the phone models started since their announcement itself. Their releases were highly awaited but the outcome has been, as most had expected, the iPhone 4 triumphed over the Nokia N8 in spite of the whopping 12 megapixel… Read More »

Motorola Atrix 4G announced

The Motorola Atrix 4G was announced at the AT&T Summit and the device looked very promising and impressive. It will run on Android 2.2 with a dual core Tegra 2 processor with a whopping 1 GB RAM. It will have a 16GB memory expandable up to 32 GB. It features a decent 5 megapixel camera… Read More »