16 hours to track YSR’s Chopper? Seriously pathetic!

Chief Minister Y.S.R

Chief Minister Y.S.R

This question comes amid the Sad demise of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Y Rajasekhar Reddy, whose body was found with 4 others this morning. All 5 of them were found lying along with the chopper in the jungles of Nallamala, somewhere near the district of kurnool, A.P, India.

Just to give you a backdrop of events which started on Wednesday at 9: 30 am. Chief Minister, Mr Y S R reaches the Old airport at Begumpet, Hyderabad to board his helicopter. He was planning to give a surprise visit to the proceedings of drought that had hit Chittoor region.

Starting for a good cause, the helicopter stayed in contact with Head Quarters uptil an hour after which suddenly the contact was lost.Raising Emergency, the security officials pressed search teams into action to locate the chopper.

Facts that Puzzle

Every helicopter, as per aviation sources, is equipped with High Frequency as well as Very High Frequency sets. When Crash happens, these sets might not function if the external antennae gets destroyed due to the impact of crash.

But what puzzles me is that every helicopter is expected to have an Emergency Locating Transmitter (ELT) fixed to the body of aircraft, while the pilot is expected to carry a Personal Recovery Beacon (PRB). In the event of a Crash, Emergency Locating Transmitter (ELT) starts giving distress signals and the PRB, once activated, would start beaming the Global Positioning System (GPS) ‘latlong’ (latitude and longitude) details.

However, it took 16 hours before they could track down the chopper. The question that arises is: In this world of Technology, what took these security officials 16 hours to track down a chopper? Couldnt they traced down the last appeared location via tracking device like GPS etc?? Leave aside that, how about escort choppers, werent they along with the CM’s chopper???

These questions are now popping up, amidst the mourning of CM’s death. This man was loved by many in Andhra and had come back to power in the recent elections with a whopping margin. The death of a person having such a reputation will not be forgotten in silence.

Of course searching a missing helicopter in the forest of Nallamala which is roughly 300 sq. km. was surely a daunting task indeed for the police and other search teams, who have scanned through the thick forest area which was once a Maoist stronghold. But when are we going to use technology to cut down the manpower and get accurate and faster results??? Why have we sent satellites up in space? To watch movies only???

16 hours in jungle? Even a healthy person can give up struggling to survive, leave aside the injured. Who knows CM and others might have been injured for long time and died due to the delay in search??

These questions will surely be asked and answer will be awaited. Let’s wait and watch how those who are in authority will respond to this unfortunate event!

My heart felt condolences to the family and friends of Chief Minister Mr. Y Rajasekhar Reddy. The Tiger of Cuddapa has been put to silence. 🙁


  1. That the mobile phones of the passengers aboard the chopper were working after the crash… though nobody answered. Couldn’t they atleast triangulate the position of these mobile phones? 16 hours is definitely an insult.

    And the concept of escort helicopters isn’t even used for central VVIP ministers… go figure.

  2. Thats true Vibin, that’s what bothers me too. With Hyderabad being the hub of IT, in India, yet technology was completely ignored. The Aviation minister praful patel says that nothing was wrong with the helicopter. That means all the gadgets had to work properly.

    Something that tingles me, was this a conspired murder? Well we do have suicide killers in this world, was it …huh?!

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