2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey

2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey

2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey

The 2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey has revolutionized the car technology, while getting some more cutting edge innovative features in it.

The car is a fine piece of modern technology sitting firmly in the crossover segments. It is all about style, splendor and can be touted as an excellent city car.

You can have the 2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey as one of your priced possessions that start from $37,400 and that comes with driver aid technologies that also include the around-view camera system which is one of the striking features of this techno car and that makes your parking a relief for you.

Another feature in this system is the Forward Collision Warning that uses the car radar and is an automated process as it warns the driver of the front traffic in advance with its audible warning.

Another driver aid technology is the lane departure warning and the prevention system that also uses audible warning that is effective for crossing lanes in case you forget signaling.

The more radical technology that the 2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey calls to is the Distance Control Assist (DCA) feature that realizes the traffic ahead and automatically applies brakes and also pushes on the gas pedal when the cars in front are slow moving or are stopped.

The 2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey has got a time tested engine and the number ‘35’ in its name symbolizes the 3.5 liter V-6 engine.

The hard drive based navigation system in the car not only includes the changes in the traffic with good maps and locations in 3D, but it also includes the changes in the weather, as Infiniti reserves 9.3 GB of space for the hard drive navigation.

The cabin tech is thus solidly made where the Bose audio system uses 11 speakers including 2 subwoofers.

Although you may not find the blind spot detection in the car which is the downside of the product, but the 2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey is overall a car with high quality traditional features like stereo, Bluetooth, and navigation along with the extraordinary high-tech features never witnessed before.

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