2011 Honda CR-Z

2011 Honda CR-Z is an effort from the Honda makers to present a sports car which will cater to the new energy conversation ideology. It has a strong resemblance to Honda CR-X. Honda presents a very advanced dashboard  which has a digital speedometer .

2011 Honda CR-Z does not offer a decent navigation system. The mapping option is available only in 2D DVD. The screen resolution is also not impressive. The information available is also very basic and outdated. The street locations and names are also not well marked and seem crooked.

The audio system offered by 2011 Honda CR-Z is average including six speakers and subwoofer. This vehicle has an LCD for navigation but a back-up camera feature is absent. There is also no provision for blind spot detection.

The hybrid system of 2011 Honda CR-Z consists of four cylinder engine with electric motor boost is nothing extrardinary and do not give an economical edge in terms of fuel or power. There are three driving modes in this vehicle namely eco, normal and sport. Some other features are phone system and iPod integration along with navigation system.

The sports car feel of 2011 Honda CR-Z is definitely an attraction for the young customers but the outdated navigation system might not go down well with techno savvy people.

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