5 Best Android Apps List

Your Android powered mobile phone can be a great tool for getting stuff done, if you select the right apps. If you are reading this article you are on the right track and you are ready to find apps without much trial and error. It is a well known fact that from the past two decades, Google has been running an Android Developer Challenge in which large sums of money are awarded to the developers who build apps determined to be the best of the breed in various categories. Over 250 apps were selected as winners by Android users and panel of judges. Some of the categories include Education or Reference Apps, Entertainment, games, Arcade/Action, Casual games and Puzzle games, Lifestyle, media, productivity tools, Social networking applications, travel and other miscellaneous categories.

Best App for Social Networking

You can easily tweet your latest musings to your network of friends and family with the aid of your Google Android Smartphone. This is the best app for tweeting online and it is very user friendly. One can also check his time line with the help of this app. You can also send and receive direct messages while on the go and it comes will a cool interface that is very easy to maneuver. You can also check out some of the latest features that have been added to the app by logging into the Google Android website.

Best App for Weather Forecast

When it comes to weather forecast for a single day as well as multiple bases, weatherBug is the name to commend with. It is the latest suave App that is available with Google Android Smartphone and it gives the latest update on weather forecast with great efficiency. You can check the humidity, direction of wind and wind speed, and various other aspects of the weather. It comes with additional features as the user is able to check out the regional as well as national weather maps with the help of this Android App.

Best App for Music Lovers

If you are a music lover, then you must download Pandora that is the most popular music streaming Application available for all Google Android Smartphones. One can classify his favorite music station by the name of the artist for album. You can also mark your favorite songs with thumbs up and play it for your friends. It can be easily made available in the form a widget on the home page of your Android Smartphone.

Best App for the Movie Buffs

Flixster is the best Google Android powered movie finding application that is easily available for free. The Android Smartphone users can easily find their favorite movie and its show time with specific information like city name, state and zip code. Once a movie is found, Flixster will also give you a brief review on the movie.

Best App for Personalizing your Home Page

This is a very popular application especially with the younger generation who likes to make a unique style statement with everything they do. So downloading Open Home will give your home page a rejuvenated look. It can easily support a large number of home screens with various widgets and it also contains a virtual keyboard for the user’s convenience.

The bottom line is that the Best App is the one that makes your day to day tasks easy and there are many people who just cannot pass a single day without their Google Apps. But if you are trying to choose the right app for the task at hand, it is not always easy and straightforward as there are a large number of Apps available that do the same thing.

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