Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 – A powerful laptop

Apple Macbook pro spring 2010

Apple Macbook pro spring 2010

Apple has been known to produce a series of laptops that differ from each other with only a few updates. Most of the updates are in the form of major changes in the Aluminum unibody construction that was first initiated in the year 2008.

Some of the other minor updates include fine tuning of the minor features and changes in the processor speed or there are upgrades in terms of the size of the hard drive. But, it is surprising how different Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 is from its predecessors. It is a total makeover from all other Apple Laptops ever produced before.

Although this latest model of Apple laptops retains the hallmark unibody aluminum construction, it has advanced a great deal in terms of the multitouch track pad. Most consumers who used the laptop say that although the Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 looks like any other Apple laptop, it has many surprises in store.

The internal components have been changed and the makeover is very significant with the new core-I CPU. The 15 inches and 17 inches models of the apple laptops have progressed to Core–I central processing unit which is much advanced as compared to the  core 2 dual central processing units that are available in most of its counterparts.

The other features have also been redesigned in order to match the latest technology. Thus, there is the latest chip architecture that is backed by Intel and there is a switch that gives access to the Nvida GeForce 9400 Graphics. The graphics are integrated with the CPD and for the systems default graphical User interface.

The Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 is very expensive at $2,199/1,699 and is available in 15-inch configuration. Most consumers who complain that the Apple laptop is highly priced find solace in the fact that it has the same features at a Mac Book Pro B and is even better as it is $100 cheaper.

At the lowest range, there is the 15-inch model which has some of the latest graphics which are discrete and not integrated. Thus, the Apple Laptops seem to be maintaining brand loyalty by constantly improving and adding powerful component for the modern day requirement.

The laptops are available at some of the major vendors like MacMall, MAC connection, Amazon, J&R music center and computer world and B&H Photo Video. But unfortunately, Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 B seems to be lacking in terms of HDMI compatibility and it does not support BluRay or other Wi-Fi options.

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