Bose Bluetooth Headset

Bose brand is known for producing very high quality sound systems and they have come up with their first Bose Bluetooth Headset. This headset is very chic and is high on style quotient. It has a very distinct design and is shaped like a trapezoid.

Towards the front is a microphone and the left hand bend includes a power slider. The right bend has a multifunction button along with a volume rocker. When the Bose Bluetooth Headset is turned over, then one may find an exclusive earpiece for only the right ear which comes in three different size ear tips and fits perfectly without any discomfort.

On the backside of the Bose Bluetooth Headset are present 2 LED indicators which indicate the status of bluetooth and also the battery life of the headset. There is an option for multipoint connectivity that suggests that this device can have two connections at the same time.

Bose Bluetooth Headset includes standard features like call connecting, redialling the previous number and provides voice command support. It enables easy pairing with a phone device but the quality of call is not very good.

Bose Bluetooth Headset has a very high price tag while it does not deliver the goods as per its brand name.

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