Camera or Phone? Motorola’s new MOTOZINE ZN5

Motorola jumps in with its news about launching a new camera phone which is more of a camera than a phone. Well the name is MOTOZINE ZN5. This camera would surely appeal all the camera freaks out there.

MOTOZINE ZN5 plans to achieve fame by showing up 5 Mega pixel sensor (with partnership with Kodak) which also features auto focus, image stitching, xenon flash in and on device integration with Kodak gallery. All this plus WiFi, Motorola’s “mode shift” technology for switching the keypad depending on device mode and yes not to forget quad-band GSM radio with EDGE for all those radio lovers.

Though Motorola is expected to take this model across the countries globally by the end of this year, however, China would be the first country to get the start by next month.

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