Canon XH A1 review

Considerably lighter than many of the camcorders available in the market, the Canon XH A1 can be considered to be a device you can feel more comfortable with while shooting. Canon has offered this HDV model that is especially designed to appeal to the entry level prosumers.

Canon XH A1 weighing only 5 pounds, is the lightest you can hold, with all controls placed logically, indexed by the functions in an orderly manner. In fact, the arrangement of the buttons is made to operate swiftly even without having a look at the buttons.

The overall architecture of the Canon XH A1 is made with subtleness while focusing on operations like zoom, exposure changes, white balance adjustments and even the focus. Canon also offers a slow speed option along with the distance readout that maintains a good control over focus.

Canon XH A1 - Side view

Canon XH A1 - Side view

Like its counterparts XL H1 and XH G1, the XH A1 comes with a 1/3-inch CCD that brings 1440×1080 native resolution while recording videos at 30f or 24f frame rates. But in the XH cameras you can see only the fixed 20x zoom lenses instead of the interchangeable ones like in XL series, but the angle view is wider in XH models with 32.5mm to 650mm equivalent.

And with the lens and the focusing operation performing exceptionally well in XH A1, the Canon’s optical stabilizer works wonderfully even with the 20x zoom lens.

The auto focus works swiftly with the enabled Instant AF option, and the Push AF option also works to speed up the manual focus relatively. Though in XH series, the auto focus lag in 24F and 30F modes, but shooting constantly in these modes while using AF will get the shooting rhythm adaptable after sometime.

Canon XH A1 - Rear view

Canon XH A1 - Rear view

There are 7 gain levels of 36dB, 18dB, 12dB, 6dB, 3dB, 0dB, and -3dB in Canon XH A1 at your disposal to shoot for more smooth videos at each level, where in even at the lowest gain, the video turns out to be unbelievably smooth.

Canon XH A1 produces some awesome HD and SD videos with sharp and smooth textures. Even the quiet on-camera mic works professionally in the basic setting and you get to see many add-on options only if you wanted things to be more complex for you.

Priced in the range $3999-$4999, it might look pretty attractive as compared to its rivals in the market when it comes for the entry level pro markets.

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