iPhone 2 – The Second Coming of iPhone

On June 9th, another version of a great gadget launched into the market, the part 2 of iPhone called the iPhone2. Steve Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was scheduled the same day. The first version of iPhone was launched with much hype, hue and cry that it became the best selling gadget immediately. Now its second version iPhone2 ...

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iPhone Spam still On!

The much hype of the launch of Apple’s iPhone had started a new breed of spam technique that led to fool people into believing that they would win a new iPhone. The Spam which was started in 2007, was in the form of Emails and Pop-ups that offer connections to bogus sites claiming to give away free gifts in the ...

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New Vostro Notebooks by Dell

After loads of waiting, Dell finally gets an ideal laptop for mobile users. Its Dell Vostro 1200 and 1310! Packed with excellent configuration, professionalism and style, this is a sure winner. Dell offers the facility to self configure your system online and accordingly purchase the same. You have wide variety of options to select from ranging from various processors to ...

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