Cobra iRadar

Cobra iRadar is a standard radar/laser detector device which becomes all the more functional when connected to an iPhone that has an iRadar application on. This device has the same dimensions like that of a deck of playing card.

On the left margin of Cobra iRadar is the port for charger and also power/volume option. On the upper surface of this device is a loudspeaker. On the back portion is a slot for making a connection of iRadar to dual suction windshield mount.

There is a LED indicator for showing that the Cobra iRadar is ready to  function and is active. There is also a sensory system which alerts the user when advancing towards safety cameras. At present this device is only compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

iRadar application in the Cobra iRadar device is a unique feature and can be obtained freely by downloading from iTunes store. It provides information like GPS position, speed of vehicle and path etc.

Another feature of Cobra iRadar is that the users can search and customise apps of this device and make it work as per their need. Also there is a function of iRadar app which enables purchasing of other items from online store. The car charger of this device includes powered USB port for charging up the paired iPhone.

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