Draganflyer X8

Draganflyer X8 is a device which looks like a small helicopter and can be used in the industrial sector for getting an aerial view in the form of video and photographs. The exclusive design makes use of 8 main horizontal rotor blades that makes possible hovering of this device and also function at a decent pace using differential thrust.

Draganflyer X8 uses eight horizontal rotor blades for carrying very large payloads the capacity of which is more than any other draganflyer models. They can also carry digital SLR cameras with ease. This device is made of a tough folding carbon fiber frame. This is very convenient while carrying because it becomes small due to the folding frame.

Draganflyer X8 is extremely safe to use and helps in reliable functioning even when any one of its motor stops working because of getting hit by an object. For obtaining better durability this device makes use of an onboard processor having a customised software.

Draganflyer X8 gets information from 11 onboard sensors. It can be operated by anyone without any difficulty. A military grade detachable load bearing system can be obtained along with this which assists in easy transport of this device anywhere.

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