Eton Raptor

Eton Raptor is a charging device which uses solar power for giving power to cell phones through a USB. It also assists in giving guidance function for outdoor activities. This device is being manufactured by Eton Corporation who specialise in making green powered electronics.

They are always on the lookout for tapping solar energy and making it accessible for human use and in turn spreading awareness among people about getting back to natural resources.

Eton Raptor consists of a 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium ion Battery. This device also has an altimeter, barometer and compass which may be helpful tools in case of going for outdoor fun activity.

Eton Raptor also has option of AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner and digital clock feature with an alarm. This device may be charged using solar energy or through DC also. And the energy that got stored may be utilised for cell phone charging.

Eton Raptor has a very sturdy covering  for keeping it safe from water and dust. There are also extra functional features like LCD flashlight, battery charge indicator and also bottle opener for convenience at the time of going outdoors. This device will be available in 2011 and should be on the must have list of frequent travellers.

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