Facebook groups hijacked by Activists, proves risk of reputations

A group called “Control Your Info” (CYI) with its activists has claimed to take over the control of approximately 300 Facebook community groups, in a self-proclamation, to highlight how the online reputations stand at the risk of getting tampered. This group has seized over 289 Facebook groups, expressing that it was easy to intrude into the poorly-protected administrative settings at the Facebook website.

In their blog, they posted at controlyour.info, that it was just one example of the vulnerabilities of the social media network. The CYI has told that its motives were pure as it was more of a take-over than a computer hack of Facebook groups.

These Facebook groups are actually chat places used for social networking service that encourages online socializing of the people with sharing of interests and communication.

The CYI pointed out a major flaw in Facebook Groups saying if the administrator of a group leaves, anybody in his place could join in as a new admin. Therefore, if one has to take control of a Facebook group, all it requires is a quick search on Google, it said. And once the CYI has the charge over these groups as admins, it could have the authority to amend anything on the groups, whether pictures, profiles or settings.

The CYI has already sent messages to the groups of their “hijacked” status along with the justification of this act. They infact, renamed each group with new logo. They also promised to restore the violated groups to their original form. What they want to bring to attention is the concern about online privacy awareness as they said that many people have lost their jobs over Facebook content, and they really wanted to do something about it.

On the other hand, Facebook has proclaimed that there was no hacking done and no confidential information is at risk. It said the owners themselves abandoned the groups, so that made way for the group members to become admins. The groups administrators have no access to private user information plus the group member can leave the group anytime.

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  1. Facebook is a good link to communicate others people. So it should be confidential.

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