Field Monitor Pro

Field Monitor Pro is an invention from Mobile Monitor Technologies which is four pound in size. This device has no internal hardware and is very light to carry around. It has a 1280×800 backlit screen.

The display screen for Field Monitor Pro is 15.4 inches. It is very flexible in its approach by laying it flat on any surface just like a tablet or mounting it on a wall. It may even be opened and closed like a laptop and placed at eye level for doing work.

Another way of using a Field Monitor Pro is to connect it with a tablet. This enables two screens for easy functionality. This device has two USB ports and there is no complete keyboard but only a number pad.

The number pad in a Field Monitor Pro is because it was designed keeping in mind the accountants convenience. The laptop is also made sturdy for daily use and the case of this device is made from ABS and polycarbonate. It also includes a rear kickstand, two kensington lock slots and DisplayLink technology.

The only flaw in this Field Monitor Pro model is that there is no built in battery so a separate AC line has to be connected.

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