Floating Planet – A new way of experiencing water sport

floating-planetSummer is in and so is the holiday season. This will be the perfect time to plan a holiday by any sea side or lake with this new Floating Planet. This Floating Planet is a new captivating gizmo which is filled with air and inflatable swimming toy. This toy offers you complete swimming experience while being on the water.

It provides enough room to accommodate all the members of a big family and still be able to float in your swimming pool or in a lake. To make your imaginations run wild you can even dive from this breath taking Floating Planet. This float is made up of a planet and is made of high durability 30 gauge PVC with a nylon screen. So you don’t have to worry about the Floating Planet getting rift while jumping and rocking.

Resembling a space ship this float can carry up to 400 lbs. to make it more efficient the float is provided with embedded nylon hand holds so that you can float and climb with ease. This alluring Floating Planet requires a minimum of 5 inches of water and can be easily anchored via its grommet. You can own this spaceship for a price of 600 USD.

Perhaps, this inflatable planet is just right to improve your vestibular apparatus as well as your motor and coordination skills while getting a groovy sun tan.


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