GO – Googles new programming language

The Google engineers are always coming up with some new innovation or the other. This time it is called Go, a new programming language built by Google which is a good blend of modern languages and good old-fashioned principles from C and C++. This brand-new language might not surely take over the world but its producers believe it to carve a niche in the development world.

The Google’s Go team has reportedly said that they believe programming should be fast, productive and of course fun. And that is the reason they are very excited to open source an experimental language called Go. It combines the development speed of a dynamic language like Python with performance and safety of compiled languages like C and C++. Go seems to let you move fast as the compiled code runs close to the speed of C with even large binaries compile in just a few seconds.

The team also includes two of UNIX’s creators, so it does have a good pedigree as well. The Go language is very similar to the popular language C in many aspects. Like C, it also has this multicore processors that power most of the computers today, enable the programs to run multiple tasks parallel. And this surely works well with multicore and multi-processor servers of Google that are deployed in innumerable number all around the world.

They focus on speed, of the compiler and the programs both. Most of the programs run about 20 to 30 percent slower than similar ones written in C or C++ but the compiler is amazingly so fast that it can also be termed as an interpreter language. It is available for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 machines and also for ARM processors, which is widely used for the architecture of the mobile devices.

Though the Go already has a solid foundation built by its creators with usual things plus the modern features like garbage collection, it is still labeled as an experimental language. It is primarily produced as a low-level language for server software, but is very flexible and can be used for web programming too. The Golang.org website set up for the language is set up for Go.

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  1. Google’s new programming language comes in an attempt to make searches faster and implement real time searches. What do the others have to say on this?

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