How to say Days of the week in Arabic

How to say Days of the week in Arabic language? This is something that will help you when you travel to an Arabic speaking country. It is important to know the names of each day in a week in Arabic, especially when

you travel to an Arab country. These are used in every day language and comes handy always. Here are the Arabic terms for each day of the Week:

Sunday – Al Ahad (الأحد)

Monday –Al Isnain (الإثْنَيْن)

Tuesday –Al Salaasa (السُّلاساء)

Wednesday –Al Arba’a (الأربعاء)

Thursday –Al Khamees (الخَمِيْس)

Friday –Al Juma’a (الجُمُعة)

Saturday – Al Sabt (السَّبْت)

These do not vary in different dialects of Arabic Language and are common across the Arab world. However, the pronunciation may vary a little, which can be managed easily.

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