How to say goodbye in Arabic

When traveler to certain countries especially in the Middle East, it important that you learn about the various customs and traditions that are commonly followed there.

It is Mus

lim dominated country where most of the people speak in Arabic. You must learn a few phrases in Arabic like how to say good morning in Arabic and how to say goodbye in Arabic?

There are various resources available on the internet that can e used in order to learn how to say goodbye in Arabic. Some of the resources are available free of cost.

There are many people who aspire to learn the Arabic languages as it is an important language used by their forefathers.

Today many schools are also offering Arabic as a part of the curriculum. So if you are interested in learning g Arabic you can enroll in these classes and learn more than just how to say goodbye in Arabic.

When you enter the words how to say goodbye in Arabic in the search window of your favorite search engine, you will get the right answer easily.

It is” ma ‘s salaam” while they say “Allah yasalmak “when bidding goodbye to a male friend and it is “Allah yasalmik “when bidding adieu to a female friend. The words have a very beautiful meaning and it is “with safety” or just” God Keep you safe”.

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