How to say “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow” in Arabic

Usage of the words Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is very frequent in Arabic just like in nearly all the languages around the world. This is essentially because one

requires to use these words as a necessity in the daily life irrespective of what profession you are in. Without knowing the right word for these in respective language, it becomes very difficult to carry on with daily chores.

If you want to tell someone to come tomorrow, how will you say that in Arabic? How about asking him to come today in Arabic?

In order to use Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow in Arabic, one not only requires to know the word but also its pronunciation. Of course not everyone is expected to know the language in its original form, however, getting to close to it is also enough. In this article, we explain you how to say ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ in Arabic. We also make an effort to give you the transliteration of the Arabic word so that you are able to pronounce it, even if you are not aware of the Arabic letters.

The Arabic term for “Yesterday” is Ams (أمْس)

The Arabic term for “Today” is Al Yauma (اليومَ)

The Arabic term for “Tomorrow” is Ghadan (غداً) or Bukra (بُكْرَ)

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