HP Pavilion p6320y

In the spectrum of retail desktops, HP Pavilion p6320y stands out with its multicore level programming and strong Quad Pro central processing unit. This amazing piece of desktop is priced at $700, and is highlighted as a midlevel performance personal computer. Although, one could prefer the cheaper gateway that offers single core performance like organizing playlist of your favorite music or displaying photo galleries, this desktop is certainly not for those looking for a multitasking computer like the Asus desktop.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure your requirements do not exceed the single core performance offered by HP Pavilion p6320y and also the desktop does not support HDMI, so be prepared to untangle a mesh of wires around the computer. The HP Pavilion is the perfect descendent of HP Pavilion P series as all the specifications of the two computers are the same, except for the appearance of the desktop that has been enhanced with a black finish outer case that encloses a LED light panel that glows in a soft blue shade.

The Pavilion also has a sliding panel at the lower end that holds the USB ports. The bottom line is that the desktop has nothing new to offer except for the outer makeover making it a little more visually appealing. The Central processing unit has an Intel core 2.8 GHz AMD Phenom II 4 820, with a hard drive of 1 TB, 7,200 rpm. The optical drive comes equipped with a dual layer DVD burner, and a networking capability of 10/100 Ethernet LAN, 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless. The operating system is Windows 7 Home premium that present graphics at 256 MB that is shared and Nivida Ge Force 9100 integrated graphics chip.

On the other hand, the display settings are not so disappointing, as one can download and view some great videos on a full screen with the aid of a monitor that can be connected via a VGA cable. For movie buffs, who are trying to get glimpse of HD movie trailers available at Apple Website, HP Pavilion p6320y is the best choice. The desktop is ideal for watching movies or listening to music and can be easily installed in the living room.

The Black glossy finish on the tower of the desktop with a slim and sleek design makes it a real head turner. If you like to upgrade your processor more often, then HP pavilion p6320y is ideal with large amounts of extra space enough for installing another hard drive. Purchasing a HP Pavilion p6320y is ideal for lightweight users as it has very low energy efficiency.

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