iHome iA100

iHome iA100 is a tabletop stereo system which has a built in bluetooth speakerphone feature. It is very attractive to look at having a matte-black finish on the outer surface. There are a lot of features available on this device which are both interesting as well as functional. It can be used for docking and charging of iPad or even an iPod or iPhone.

iHome iA100 also includes FM radio and dual alarm feature having sleep and snooze options. There is a clock radio having a touch screen display. The alarm can be set in such a way that separate alarms may be used for different scheduled activities without any confusion.

iHome iA100 also provides weather updates. One more nice feature is sending messages on the Facebook or Twitter automatically when sleeping or waking up. Waking up alarm can be set up along with the option of playing a song to come out from sleep.

Streaming of music is possible on iHome iA100 from iPod, iPhone or any other bluetooth device. The sound quality of the speakerphone is also pretty okay. But for the price for which it is being sold, the sound could have been better. Some may find it to be a little extravagant purchase but others may be satisfied with the performance.

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