iPhone 2 – The Second Coming of iPhone

On June 9th, another version of a great gadget launched into the market, the part 2 of iPhone called the iPhone2. Steve Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was scheduled the same day. The first version of iPhone was launched with much hype, hue and cry that it became the best selling gadget immediately. Now its second version iPhone2 is all set to bomb the market.

Launch itself was massive. The Gadget gizmo “Jesus Diaz” described in detail the launch and he came to know from sources that this second coming of iPhone would be a huge world wide event and will not be restricted only to United States. The first version saw a bigger market outside United States, particularly Europe, Indian and other Asian countries. According to the gizmo, inner sources working very close to 3G circle say that the price of this second version of iPhone would be cut down to suit the dollar and Euro markets. The Launching will happen in several countries as in more than 24 countries.

Telef√≥nica will carry out the iPhone, as reports confirm, and will launch it along with its brand new Madrid megastore on June 18th. Despite of all the delays, Apple would ship the hardware immediately after launch. Jesus’s initial story proved right, considering all the reports coming in from world wide. The amazing part is that Apple kept things quiet for long enough because of the count of people involved into its launch.

There are more than 40 countries who are with iPhone deals and in many of these there will be multiple service providers offering the iPhone. In the map below you can see the places (in red) where iPhone would catch the market:

If the reports are true (as they are confirmed slowly), then Apple is all set to take over the world with its new gadget iPhone just like how it did with iPod but a little more faster this time. Great Market analysts and Financial consultants have started to keep a calculative watch on the iPhone market and have put the numbers on calculators. The figure is 575 million. The experts say that if apple just keeps its 3 percent share in market, then it would sell around 17.25 million iPhone pieces. They further add that apple can easily shift 45 million units by the end of 2009 which is awesome. Definately, The phone on which sun never sets could be iPhone2!

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