iPhone Spam still On!

The much hype of the launch of Apple’s iPhone had started a new breed of spam technique that led to fool people into believing that they would win a new iPhone. The Spam which was started in 2007, was in the form of Emails and Pop-ups that offer connections to bogus sites claiming to give away free gifts in the form of iPhones. People, as usual, started believing this and chain mails floated across internet causing addition to the already existing spam. Although started in early 2007, this spam technique is still at large.
According to a firm in web security, Secure Computing, these spammers are just looking for fun than cash profit. The firm says the cyber criminals behind this scam are using sophisticated techniques to thwart security firms, mainly by playing around with the physiology of common people. For example, they direct us to a bogus website that may offer certain products. however, the Web site is loaded with more than 10 pieces of malicious code, each, targeting potential browser vulnerability. Also, users who try to visit the site more than once are automatically redirected to another ‘safe’ web site.

Various Web security firms have warned web users not to fall prey to the socially engineered e-mails that contain a link which, if clicked on, will connect to a Web site and hence install malicious software, designed to take control of the victim’s computer. Startling isn’t it? The Trojan, which has not yet been named by antivirus vendors, produces a pop-up when users on infected Windows PCs head to either yahoo.com or google.com. The pop-ups tout iPhone.com as ‘the only place to buy iPhone’, and use the companies logo and the actual price the 4GB model to add weight to the offer so that people are completely duped.

So beware of such scams people!

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