iPhone users at risk from Rogue applications

A researcher from Switzerland warns on the risk faced by iphone from its various applications available freely to download on internet. Free downloading of malicious software would eventually be a huge risk to the iphone because of the flaw in its design.

According to the a software professional from Swiss university of applied sciences, the iphone’s application review process cannot stop the malicious softwares from getting distributed to many users world wide. These applications once downloaded, have complete access to the data, address book, location, friends list, activities etc of the user.

At Black hat security conference to be held on Wednesday, Seriot shall explain to all how a simple appearing application can be made to fetch and store the personal data of the user and thus send it over the internet without the user knowing about it. Such rogue application can be hidden within a simple looking software like a game. Seriot also points out that address book or contact list is easily readable without the users knowledge. It can read any data in any part of the iphone thus proving fatal for the users privacy.

In order to explain the working of a malicious application, seriot designed an application by the name “spyphone” and thus practically illustrated how such rogue applications work. It can look into the last 20 searches in the safari browser, track the data collected from GPS, read emails, send or receive emails etc.

Many iphone applications were pulled out of the online store by Apple since many of them had already started affecting the users. For example, one game called “Aurora feint” keeps the user busy playing, but in the background it uploads all the contacts to a server, which the salesmen use to call up in order to sell their products.

In order to avoid such a situation, Apple advices the professionals to avoid downloading and installing any untrusted application. But how about those applications that are in iphone store sold by Apple? That’s the irony in the entire issue!

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