Is Israel more powerful than UN?

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General, expressed deep concern over the latest Israeli decision to approve further construction in the occupied Palestinian territory and said “such actions are contrary to international law.”

Did you understand what that meant?

Okay let me repeat, Ban ki-moon, the UN Secretary General believes that the Israels decision of expanding itself in Occupied area of Palestine is against International Law!

The Head of United Nations knows that Israel is going against the International Law by building in occupied terrorities of Palestine! He knows it well, so does he tells everyone. But is the International court of law stopping Israel? the answer is NO!

Israel openly assaults the International laws and yet no one takes its accountability. Why? because its more powerful than UN itself!

This is open biasness. How can a country just go against International Law? When it comes to Iran going against the International law in building up its nuclear power, UN slaps sanctions on Iran. But why doesn’t it take action in this case or any other violation done by Israel??

Is he listening?

Is he listening?

Washington is supposedly pushing the stopping of these settlements, says CNN. So does this prove that Israel is more powerful than US?? Let those patriotic Americans who keep shouting “America is greatest” hear this 🙂

Analysis of history of Israels occupation shows how clever and cunning Israel has been in expanding its borders. Every time they start illegal expansion, a hue and cry starts which is then covered up by series of peace talks. But then did someone observe? the job is already done and Israel has already expanded its border! 🙂

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  1. The supposed ‘peace talks’ currently taking place between Israel & Palestine are not even direct talks.

    Michell ,the American convoy, talks separately with both the parties!!!

    Reminds one of the ancient times when one would communicate across distances through trained pigeons. But the disconcerting question in the wake of recent hypocrisy in the form of 9/11 & war for ‘peace’ (read ‘terror’) –

    is America ‘naive’ as a pigeon to do this job??

    Simply put, America’s role is only for Obama to articulate and the press to enjoy …and not to forget – enabling Zionists & Neocons to thrive with its dirt-gold!

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