Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with PurpleRa1n

iphone-3GS-jailbreakThe long wait finally got over. You must have seen our previous articles talking about jail breaking of the iPhone and had no information about unlocking the new iPhone 3GS. Eventually, the wait is over as Geohot, who has been involved with iPhone hacking from day one, has now issued the PurpleRa1n jailbreak utility for iPhone 3GS running 3.0 firmware.

Jail breaking is a well known concept for all the iPhone users. if this term sounds new to you, then jail breaking is the process of gaining full access to the iPhone OS allowing users to do various modifications such as unofficial third-party apps and skinning and theming. It is also the first step towards unlocking the iPhone to work on any other unauthorized GSM networks.

The new utility, PurpleRa1n works only on iPhone 3GS which is running firmware version 3.0. The developing teams at Apple have become smart and they have seemed to realize the flaw and closed the vulnerability used in the 3.1 firmware. So, if you are interested in jail breaking your iPhone then get your hands off of the beta with the new 3.1 firmware.

The ingredients you need to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS are, Windows OS with a version lower than ver. 7, the latest iTunes installed and opened, obviously, and the PurpleRa1n utility. Mac support is on its way and will be released soon.

Geohot does not take complete guarantee of the tool and says it is still in beta stage and some issues are still under question. However, there are users who confirmed that the utility works just fine for them and they have even installed Cydia. Once the jailbreaking is done you can go ahead with installing the ultrasn0w utility from Cydia to unlock it. The utility works flawlessly with the 3GS as it did for the iPhone 3G.

Firmware 3.1 will be out soon and updating to Firmware 3.1 will close all the possibilities of jailbreaking and unlocking. So don’t forget to consult the Devs blog before updating.

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