Aug 17, 2010

Jewish condolence message

In the olden times when a Jew passed away, the local volunteer burial society would appear and begin preparing for the funeral. At the Jewish funeral, the mourners would comfort the bereaved by living their lives, in other words they ripped their clothes and sat on the floor crying and mourning.

The funeral services and prayers were more elaborate lasting for over a week’s time and the same goes for the Jewish condolence message. Friends who could not make it to the funeral send Jewish condolence message.

In the modern days, the Jewish families are scattered around the globe and therefore it is important to learn how to write a Jewish condolence message. Today the American Jews for their own mourning traditions.

They are following more secular burial customs and adopting secular attitudes .Death itself has become a stranger as in the earlier days the life spans were very less and infant mortality was high. But today there has been great medical advancements and today people can easily reach the age of forty without attending even a single funeral.

But death, whatever the timing leaves the bereaved unprepared and adrift. Therefore if you are planning to write a Jewish condolence message, you will have to take into consideration the person you are addressing in the message.

Although one may find a large number of Jewish condolence note examples but it is not possible to find a one size fits all example. One must try to personalize the message by adding your own words about the deceased and thus extending your sympathy to the survivors.

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