JVC KW-NT3HDT is a GPS device that gives good competition to other brands in its league. It includes a HD Radio receiver giving the benefits of digital FM tuning. The sound quality of this device is really good. There are a lot of sources for audio like the USB, SD card, Bluetooth along with CD/DVD option available.

JVC KW-NT3HDT has a touch screen of 6.1 inch in size. This touch screen has to be pressed correctly which can be done after practising it a few times and the desired response will be obtained. Above the screen is a CD or DVD drive and towards the left is a volume option. There are also physical control features present that have color illuminating option.

On the left cornerside of  JVC KW-NT3HDT is audio input and USB port which is protected from any dust particles. When iPhone is plugged in with this device then music can be selected in two ways either through onscreen selection or from selecting from playlist of iPhone.

The resolution for JVC KW-NT3HDT is a bit low and the USB port covering causes inconvenience while opening it. It also has a rare detachable faceplate. There are some issues with hardware and software but inspite of the flaws this device is worth trying.

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