LaCie FastKey USB flash drive

LaCie FastKey USB flash drive is very unique as it offers very high speed performance and is very lightweight and compact in size. The design is well made and the drive has a USB 3.0 portable drive.

LaCie FastKey USB flash drive is either very small for using like a portable drive or is bigĀ  when considering its size and capacity for being a thumbdrive. This drive has a very strong case of aluminium where one end can be drawn out to show the USB head. This head can be removed when the drive is being used.

Fastkey functions effectively with USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0. It just has to be put in the port and its ready for use. LaCie FastKey USB flash drive comes with a two year warranty. The performane is really impressive in this drive. There is also a 4GB subscription for Wuala online backup for a period of two years with this.

LaCie FastKey USB flash drive setup as well as encryption apllications both function well with PC as well as MAC. This device is excellent for use and offers upto 120 GB of storage but this is very expensive and so cannot be easily affordable.

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