Let’s have a cup of tea made in Eco Kettle

Eco Kettle

Eco Kettle

Scarcity of water has become a major problem now and it is said that usually we boil twice as much water as is needed while making tea or coffee. While boiling water it consumes twice as much power and time. But the problem seems to be resolved with the Eco Kettle which makes a remarkable difference in water and power consumption.

It is just right for all those tea lovers as it will boil the amount of water that is actually needed and eventually saving the energy and time. By making use of Eco Kettle you can save money, help the environment and eventually reduce the time taken for your afternoon tea.

This smart kettle comes with one year of warranty. Additionally, the Eco Kettle features 2 water chambers. The chambers are designed in such a way that one of them act as a central reservoir and can be filled to the brim while a central valve button positioned in the lid is capable of pouring as much water as you want to the second boiling chamber.

The chamber can hold up to 8 cups of water while saving your water and energy consumption. It is assumed that the Eco Kettle uses 30 percent less power when compared with traditional kettles and it comes with a capacity of 1.5 liter water, a washable limescale filter, steam control and boil dry protection. Among the other features Eco Kettle has 230 volts AC, 3kW stainless steel heating element, wireless 360 base and locking lid which has illuminated on-off switch.

With this amazing kitchen gadget you can boil up to 1 cup of tea or a minimum boil of 200 ml. the price is not yet known and as the device is designed for UK use, it cannot be used anywhere outside UK.

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