LG Apex

LG Apex is a smartphone which falls in the affordable price bracket. This mobile device is pretty decent with a soft touch finish on the back and a compact Qwerty keyboard. It is not very slim but it can be fitted easily in the trousers and carried anywhere.

LG Apex has a 3.2 inch touch screen feature and the color scheme and brightness come out very well on the screen. Another feature is a pinch to zoom and an accelerometer. Touch screen works fine and responds well but when scrolled it becomes a little slow.

Beneath the screen are some touch sensitive options like home, menu, search and end. On the left curve of the LG Apex is a Micros USB port along with volume rocker. On the right curve is the camera button along with microSD expansion slot. The backside includes a 3 megapixel camera and flash along with autofocus option.

As the LG Apex functions on a 2.1 Android OS, so there are some Google service features like Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Latitude and YouTube. Many other applications may be downloaded. Some features include speakerphone, speed dialling, conference call, voice command, sms and mms service, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi.

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