LG Infinia 50PX950

LG Infinia 50PX950 is considered as one of theĀ  top quality plasma TVs to come out of the LG stable. It has catered to the 3D technology segment by coming up with the foremost THX Display certification for 3D sources.

LG Infinia 50PX950 comes with a sleek styling appearance which is synonymous with the brand feature. LG is the single existing manufacturer of plasma technology that has given single-plane face where both the picture as well as frame have the same glass pane. It has a transparent stand stalk along with glass topped stand base.

One more highlight of LG Infinia 50PX950 is the Magic Wand remote control which has similar features like the Wiimote motion controller that is part of Nintendo Wii gaming device. Pointer control is very impressive. This will be a handy feature for gizmo freaks, but for the old school customers, this will not be that popular.

LG Infinia 50PX950 has features like excellent 3D display minus 3D glasses which have to be bought separately, option for 2D conversion to 3D but its not that good, there is also a TrueBlack filter for giving better view in case the room is bright, it has a LG Wireless Media Box option that provides connection with HDMI.

Weighing among the pros and cons LG Infinia 50PX950 can be bought mainly for its Plasma feature along with 3D technology.

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