life without Google

Today, Google in its various forms has become a part and parcel of our lives and one cannot imagine life without Google. Some people even attest that they are almost addicted to Google and quitting Google is next to impossible. An executive from Microsoft stated that life without Google is like quitting smoking. Google has a global presence in the World Wide Web and the average user logs into a Google website every time he browses the internet.

Today, man uses Google for making various important decisions regarding purchase of a house, scheduling a wedding or a vacation trip around the globe. If you have any problem, Google has a solution; in fact it offers a large number of solutions to choose from. Smoking is an addiction and it takes a long time and perseverance to break the addition, but Google is more of a habit and as they say old habits die hard.  It is difficult to even think of logging on to the internet without visiting Google website.

The Virtual world has a variety of other options available on the internet including Internet Search, Communication and much more. For a long time the term Google is used to describe the act of searching the internet as most users say “Let’s Google and find out the solution to this problem?” Thinking of searching the internet makes life without Google incomplete, although one can choose to use Bing and many more search engines available on the web browser.

Google has revolutionized the way we communicate today, with a variety of services like Gmail, Google maps and mobile applications. Today Google is everywhere and one cannot pass a single day in their life without Google. While using a mobile phone, users are hooked to Google as their default browser but one can also replace it with Bing or yahoo. Today, Google has launched Google Buzz that is a social networking service just like Facebook or Twitter and also offers some of the latest buzzwords.

According to research, Google stores large amount of information about the user who logs into the website, therefore it is advisable to break free from the Google bondage and look beyond Google for other options to perform your tasks. Experts suggest that it is very much possible to the break a habit as there is life without Google, with a large number of options available on the internet only if you dare to think outside the Google Box. But nevertheless, life without Google still looks incomplete as Google would always remain one of the most favorite search engines with the majority of the users around the globe.

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