Mayawati news on 200-crore Rally, Shameless politicians!

Indian politicians are famous for their monkey tricks and high level dramas particularly to show how shameless and pathetic they are in spending public money on self advertising. Guess who is the latest one? It’s none other than Mayawati, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh! πŸ™‚

Amidst the rising Bareilly communal violence for which she has been criticized in New Delhi, Mayawati gave a hard hitting answer by taking out a Rs 200 crore rally (Rs 2000 million), trying to prove that her people are all united and stand one for her. She has been in criticism for quite a while for the violence that erupted in Bareilly. Since the passing of Women Reservation Bill, she and her party has been protesting for the fact that there is no separate quota for the Dalits in the bill. She calls all the other parties who approved the bill as Anti-Dalits.

This massive rally took place on Monday on the 25th anniversary of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and was attended by a million people. The entire event costed a whopping 200 crore rupees (or 2000 million rupees)! Besides the regular arrangements, a 30 bed hospital comprising 200 doctors and around five hundred paramedics was build exclusively for this event. For the decorations, a 1000 quintals of flowers were brought from various parts of the country. Nearly 1600 government buses and five thousand private buses were arranged for the transport of public to the event. In order to dress up the city in blue color (which is the color of BSP), 1 million LED lights were utilized. And God knows what all was done for this event.

But where is that unique stunt from this politician? Every politician takes out rallies so whats so different this time? Guess what! Besides this rally being expensive, a special Garland was presented to Mayawati which was made up of Indian currency notes. It was made out of thousands of 1000 rupees notes, totally amounting to few million rupees. Now that’s the latest stunt from Indian politician! πŸ™‚

Mayawati’s money Garland

Even though the event was a massive success, it angered the public at large. The entire event was conducted at the cost of Public money. Although Income Tax Department is already on its way to probe the funding, Mayawati clearly says that this money came as donations from the supporters of her party and her people. There was a huge “Dog fight” in the parliament today, with congress and BJP demanding for probe into the funds spent on this event.

In a country that is neck deep in debts, poverty stricken, wounded by communal violence etc, such events in which public money is flaunted for self advertising only shows what kind of people are running the country. Are these the politicians we select by giving our vote?

If we calculate, if one state can generate Rs 200 crores from public donations, then imagine how much would 35 states (i am including the 7 union territories) generate? It’s simple Math. 35 X 200 crore = Rs 7000 Crore! That’s nearly Rs 70,000 million which comes to around $1.5 Billion!

So what would India prefer doing? Advertise these politicians or clear of its Debts? Isn’t it easy to clear of our debts with the World Bank?

Hope the World Bank doesn’t read this post πŸ™‚

It’s high time that people begin to excise their vote properly. If they cannot find a proper candidate to vote, just don’t vote! Atleast you will not regret selecting the wrong candidate. All the Taxes that we pay go into the fat bellies of these politicians.

The irony is that these politicians question us Muslims asking “Can you prove that you are Patriotic?”! (lolzzz…:-) )

Jago India Jago! πŸ™‚


  1. It really takes us aback, when we read and hear about the misuse public money by these self-obsessed politicians. Despite, we agree that BSP got funding from its supporters, it does not befit to spend it like flowing water; moreover, the garland of Indian currency notes is really really disappointing. We the middle-class people pay income taxes out of our hard earned money for the welfare of our country; and when we see its misuse, it really knocks us for six. πŸ™
    India has got large section of people, who don’t even get daily wages having been worked day in and day out.
    Millions of students give up studies due to lack of financial support.
    Millions of women work as prostitutes across the nation for their bread and butter.
    Millions of innocent people have been behind bars for years; since they don’t have enough money to run their case and prove their innocence.
    There have been hundreds of pretty thieves and trivial criminals in local lock-ups, and are need of only 500 bucks for their release.
    And a lot more wounds our country has gotten; but it has also got evil and selfish politicians.

    Jago India Jago! πŸ™‚

  2. it is so disappointing and hurting to see that there is no proper system to deal with this pathetic political scenario. The whole system is to be blamed, and the world is truly becoming a stage full of idiotic minds and insensitive people around.

    Jago Duniya Jago! πŸ™‚

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