Motorola Citrus

Motorola Citrus has a basic layout and is a compact device for catering to basic call and other practical features. It is compact in size and is very easy to carry around in a pocket or a bag.

Towards the bottom of the Motorola Citrus display are the navigation controls like Menu, Back, Home and Search. The touch controls work pretty smoothly and don’t need much effort. Just below these are two more control option keys, Talk and End.

On the back side of Motorola Citrus is the camera lens and Backtrack navigation pad. The display of this smartphone is just about okay and it can be understandable as this phone is available at such an affordable price. On the brighter side, Motorola Citrus has seven home screens which can be personalized with widgets, shortcuts and other application folders.

One highlight of Motorola Citrus is that it it has gone for the green market which means it is made up of around twenty five percent plastic. It does not have any harmful materials and its box is of recycled material. Citrus runs Android 2.1 Eclair. It has all the features that are standard for any other competing phone but it doesn’t support general Google applications. Due to the small size, the browsing is not that great.

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