Motorola CommandOne

Motorola CommandOne

Motorola CommandOne has brought forth the crystalTalk noise cancellation technology that is available with A2DO streaming.

Today Motorola is the most sought after brand when it comes to buying Smartphone and other phone accessories like the blue tooth headset Motorola CommandOne.

This amazing piece of headset from Motorola is multipoint and it also supports voice prompt technology.

It is a headset that is most sought after by the consumers as it lets the user send and receive text messages without having to touch the phone.

Although the Motorola CommandOne headset does not look any different from the standard models of Bluetooth headsets, it provides good call quality and it available at $99.99.

Thus with the aid of this phone it is possible to read out text messages that can be relied by speaking into the headset and therefore one does not even need to touch the keypad on the cell phone in order to send an SMS.

There are many users who suggest that the motospeak app on the Motorola CommandOne needs an upgradation in order to make it make it the best in the market.

There are many more features that need an improvement like the call button that is too small can be improved and the Motospeak app is not compatible with very long messages.

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