Motorola Devour Silver review

motorola devour silver

motorola devour silver

Behold the Motorola Devour Silver in all its splendor and grandeur as it delivers some of the state of the art features combined with excellent performance that devours the limelight from all other smartphones. The new version of Motorola has finally arrived at various mobile phone stores available online. There is growing apprehension regarding the high expectations with this new phone which has descended, after the much hyped release of the Droid Smartphone which wowed the audiences with its Google Android device.

At first glance, Motorola Devour Silver looks sleek and sturdy for a Smartphone with a thumb pad which is good for fast typing, but the display is a little smaller than expected. Some find it disappointing to see Android 1.6 on the Devour as it is the least preferred technology in the Android clan. To add to it, many users find it difficult to maneuver through the controls. Devour represents Verizon’s joint venture with Google’s Android and one is also required to get Verizon data plan to use the Smartphone.

Devour is very similar to Droid and in fact, they look like siblings. Both the devices are sturdy as they have a compact design that is very practical and unique. The Devour and Droid range of mobile phones look almost the same and have similar weights too. The controls need realigning as they seem to be eating up a part of the display. Many feel that the 3.1 inches of display could have been expanded, if the developers would have placed the touch controls in a single row. Thumb pad is the highlight of the Motorola Devour Silver Smartphone. It is very advanced, as the sensitivity of the thumb pad can be adjusted by the user. It serves as an optical mouse as well as a user control. It is fun to roll the thumb pad to navigate as many prefer to use it over the touch controls.

Typical of all motoblur devices, Motorola Devour Silver merges all contacts from the phone book as well as social networking sites in one application. There are many more widgets to keep you updated on the weather forecasts, news and much more. The camera resolution is another disappointment, as the only option provided for editing the images is a color effect. The photo quality is as good as Droid and the photo gallery is more interactive. The overall performance is a little below the expectation of the users but nevertheless, Motorola Devour Silver has arrived and has also carved a niche for itself in the mobile phone industry.


  1. Christoper Revier

    Nicely I’ve been addicted to flashing, on account of VZW not wanting us to possess entry for the GPS on our phones. So I observed the threads that taught me to flash my cellphone. Can even cook a little, but you will discover a lot superior chefs in existence, so I’m content to toast their function. I presently am running Lioryte’s 23529 build of the WinMo over a Samsung Omnia with VZW. So now I’ve won the Behold 2 from Sam sung, been playing with it for a couple of months.We have it rooted, I have Busy Box on it and a Home UI. looks excellent, works great, but as well a lot bloatware. (The Cube and much more) Tried the Galaxy trick, quite rapidly and total of usable memory. It’s Android 1.five pure. I would rather update the B2, not revert to Galaxy, and build from that. I will if that’s the only way, I’ll check new Odins for that B2 and do what ever enable I can to aid the B2 community advance the excellent of this mobile phone.I’m searching forward to helping make the B2 the best Android mobile phone accessible.

  2. The Motorola DROID continues to present new possibilities daily. We have had it for about 10 months and We have had a Blackberry attached to my entire body since September 1998. Becoming connected is usually a important component of my lifestyle so I’m generally reachable by loved ones and co-workers. I am a bit addicted on the Market place for DROID Applications. If the device had unlimited memory I would test the capacity. I feel this OS could be the way of the long term and intend to develop with all of you to learn it via and as a result of. Thanks for your content.

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