Motorola Flipside

Motorola FlipsideHail Motorola Flipside into the corporate world, as it has been specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the corporate user. There is corporate email facility available through Microsoft exchange. It is very user friendly as the track pad and keyboard are very useful and practical.

The QWERTY keyboard is very convenient especially when sending corporate emails. One can also type the message at a very fast speed. There is excellent extend able memory capacity available at 32 GB and the camera available with Motorola Flipside has some of the state of the art post production editing options.

There are many users who may find it heavy and bulky. But is you are not concentrating of the looks then Motorola Flipside is the best choice for you. The microSD card is present behind the back cover which is very convenient. But unfortunately one has to compromise with the sluggish call quality.

But if you are banking on corporate email facility and interested in socializing then Motorola Flipside is the best choice. This android phone is destined for SAT&T and it is also one of the first handsets announced by the CTIA. In a nutshell the Motorola Flipside is the bulkiest of the bunch but also the most utilitarian.

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    I hate these phones, I slammed one in the car door and ran over the other one, now I’m left with a cheapo from tesco, does the job!

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