New Vostro Notebooks by Dell

After loads of waiting, Dell finally gets an ideal laptop for mobile users. Its Dell Vostro 1200 and 1310! Packed with excellent configuration, professionalism and style, this is a sure winner. Dell offers the facility to self configure your system online and accordingly purchase the same. You have wide variety of options to select from ranging from various processors to battery backups. As you select the best configuration for each major section, the price changes accordingly.

After a complete analysis or all odds and evens, i found that an ideal system configuration which goes well with business users, home users as well as gamers would come anywhere around $1100. The price is pretty good when compared to the sleek and powerful configuration. Dell Vostro 1200 comes with a 12.1 inch LCD screen with amazing quality. This gives excellent mobility to people on run and weighs very less. Though, scalability is limited, it is more than enough for any user.

Dell vostro 1310 comes with a 13.2 inch LCD screen with again good quality. This system gives much better scalability when compared to Vostro 1200. The Battery backup for both these systems is excellent. Vostro 1310 also comes with an option of buying additional cells for better battery life. Both the systems can be had with Windows vista business edition preloaded. Actually there is range of Operating system to choose from while buying.

Both these models come with an option of having built in camera. You may choose not to have it though. I did an extensive survey in various forums, blogs and review sites on these two models. I see that both of them received pretty descent rating of about 4.6 out of 5. I would say this is awesome for the price and sleekness of the product.

Well as always, Dell does it again. No doubt, it rules the Computer Hardware world and is the most reliable around! Hats off to Dell!

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  1. It is my opinion different because my friends and family use another model .It’s secure and save prices.But next laptop battery I am going to consider this this laptop battery that you just present.Thank!!!

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