Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000 is an excellent buy for those who are professionals and are not really looking for full frame or fastest burst possible. Those who are willing to let go of their previous purchase of dSLR will find better features in this camera.

Nikon D7000 gives top features in its segment which has a good design, feature set, quality performance in photography and to top it all it is pretty decent price wise when these features mentioned above all come in one.

The photo quality of Nikon D7000 is amazing and is worth mentioning. It even includes an advanced autofocus system and the metering sensor is also very impressive. Video quality is just about okay. There is a feature of two SDXC card slots. It also has two save setting slots on mode dial.

Nikon D7000 is very sturdy and doesn’t fall in the light weight segment. Viewfinder is bright  and has hundred percent coverage of scene feature. This model a bit different from older NIkon models design features which is a welcome change. To sum it up, Nikon D7000 is a good buy for the experienced photographers with some over the top features not to forget the price at which it is available.

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