Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL

Having reached the sale of almost 128 million units through out the world, the Nintendo DSi XL is one of the most widely sold portable products when the gaming handheld devices are concerned. The DSi introduced last year in April has this third version of DS called the DSi XL which is the replica of the DSi first version which has got a plethora of advantages, but this upgrade has simply stressed more on the screen size.

The Nintendo DSi XL weighing 11.08 ounces, has got some kind of attractive sturdiness sporting some glossy top with a polished plastic outer casing that provides more elegant look. With dimensions 6.34×3.6×0.83 inches, the DSi XL looks more like a tiny piece along with its dual 4.2-inch screens which look 93% larger than the screens found in the other versions of the DS i.e. DS Lite and the original DSi, but there is no such difference when the LED lights are concerned. Even the charging, power and Wi-Fi connections are also similar to the previous models of DS.

The new Nintendo DSi XL has got a good large viewing angle making the device more ‘sociable’ with the people, and the buttons of the system have retained the same feel, positions, shapes found in the earlier versions, but require a little pressing motion. The downside of the model is the negligence on the picture front where the 0.3 megapixels still do not give out a good picture quality because of the older pixel resolution of 256×196.

Although the DSi XL has the firmware version 1.4U that contains all the online and the media tools and also the three pre-installed games, the DSi XL model is not that portable as it looks to be. But like the DSi original version, Nintendo DSi XL connects to 802.11b or g Wi-Fi router with ease.

Where the overall performance of the device is concerned, DSi XL has the same 133MHz processor along with the 16MB of RAM, so not much improvement can be assessed here. But the most remarkable feature of XL is the battery life as DSi XL boasts of 13 to 17 hours running time.

So releasing this March end in burgundy or bronze, the DSi XL is relatively priced at $190 which is $20 and $60 more than DSi and DS Lite respectively. So if you really want to have the blurred free gaming experience, then the Nintendo DSi XL is the best option.

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