Nitrous oxide suicide

When considering the large number of nitrous oxide suicide cases, makes one wonder what is it that makes suicide easy and what makes it difficult. It is the circumst

ances under which the person opts for the nitrous oxide suicide.

This may seem to be an excellent war gas plan. It is important to know that nitrous oxide suicide and the art of committing suicide with stealth are part of humanity’s folklore and heritage and in the homicidal manifesto; the attention is more on the venomous nitrous oxide suicide

. It is the toxic nature of the chemical gas nitrous oxide that can be gathered synthesized and put to use in order to commit suicide.

It can be useful to trace the knowledge of the use of poisons and their usage back to the olden days when various tribal remedies who applied the use of fatal portions of the nitrous oxide gas.

For a long time various types of poisonous substances are available in nature. There are inorganic poisons like fluorides, heavy metals, oxalates, arsenic, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. There are war gases like phosgene, arsine and phosphate.

There are nerve gases like the poor man’s atom bomb. There is the saran, taunt, DPF, soman and V gas that was synthesized and used in guerilla war, including arsenal delivery methods.

There are various other natural poisons like the digitalis, rapeseed oil and jequirity beans that are poisonous in nature. The nitrous oxide suicide usually takes place in a car.

So in case of a nitrous oxide suicide, it is important that the cops take proper precautions tab the site of suicide. In case the individual inhales the nitrous oxide the effects could be detrimental.

There are various procedures for producing nitrous oxide gas from substances that are easily found in the homes. There are many websites that offer easy information on nitrous oxide and its use in committing suicide.

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