Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 sales comparison

Nokia N8 sales in UK have been slammed by the sales of iPhone 4. The competition between both the phone models started since their announcement itself. Their releases were highly awaited but the outcome has been, as most had expected, the iPhone 4 triumphed over the Nokia N8 in spite of the whopping 12 megapixel camera feature of Nokia N8.

The applications and operating system of iPhone 4 are not easy to compete with and if Nokia wants to compete head to head with the iPhone, then improvement in that field is most important where iPhone is proving to be unbeatable. Though the sales figures of both would show that iPhone 4 is doing much better than Nokia’s N8, it would be unfair to say that the N8 is not doing well in the market.

The N8 model has been announced as a success with positive feedback by its consumers. Nokia N8 is turning out to be the best camera phone in the market at present. Nokia has its own set of customers and loyalists in UK because of which this model is doing fairly well in the UK market. N8 stands at the third place after the iPhone and the Blackberry. iPhone 4 has an edge over the Nokia N8 in all aspects except camera and price.

Nokia claims that the N8 was never intended to be an iPhone killer, but it was surely intended to make a feature packed phone available at a decent price to all its customers. Nokia N8 shows a great amount of improvement when compared to previous Nokia models and one can expect Nokia to produce phones that can prove to be a game changer in the near future!

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