Orb VP-1 TV

Orb VP-1 TV provides a decent streaming of audio and video from a source computer to an HDTV or AV receiver. The price for which it is available is pretty reasonable for the kind of easy streaming option that it provides.

Orb VP-1 TV is a disc shaped device that gets hooked into the HDTV components. It comes along with a USB cable and AC adapter. The setting up of this streaming device is very convenient and can be done very quickly by following the instructions from the user guide.

Two softwares are required for getting streaming videos in Orb VP-1 TV. One software, Orb Caster needs to be set up on the source computer and should always be active. Whenever the data needs to be accessed, then the computer should always be on.

Another software part in Orb VP-1 TV is the Orb Controller which keeps a check on what streaming function is going on. At present iOS and Android versions of Orb Controller can be availed so only customers having access to these two operating system can use this device.

Those who are looking for an average performance of streaming videos with lesser price may go for Orb VP-1 TV with its limited functionality.

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