Aug 17, 2010

Please accept my sincere condolences

As we pass through the journey of life there may be various occasions when each of us has an opportunity to identify the meaningful moments of grief with our unique signature. You can say the words “please accept my sincere condolences” as told to accomplish this.
There is an endless choice of words that offer a great deal for the moment, but people still like to simply say “please accept my sincere condolences” No matter where we go or what , these simple words help us connect in large and small ways with each other.
Can you think of the moment ……

Aug 17, 2010

Jewish condolence message

In the olden times when a Jew passed away, the local volunteer burial society would appear and begin preparing for the funeral. At the Jewish funeral, the mourners would comfort the bereaved by living their lives, in other words they ripped their clothes and sat on the floor crying and mourning.
The funeral services and prayers were more elaborate lasting for over a week’s time and the same goes for the Jewish condolence message. Friends who could not make it to the funeral send Jewish condolence message.
In the modern days, the Jewish families are scattered around the globe and therefore ……

Aug 17, 2010

Christian Condolence message

A Christian Condolence message has many key comforts as it shares your loss in the religious aspect. It acknowledges your mutual loss while sharing the loss. The Christian Condolence message recounts an anecdote by which many people remember the deceased.
The Christian condolence message recounts a religious story that is significant at the time of great loss. One can also share a personal memory in the condolence note.
In other words, the condolence note may warm the heart but it must never elicit embarrassment or regret. Thus sharing personal memory can be used as a key comfort when writing a condolence ……

Aug 17, 2010

Please accept my condolence

Simply writing “Please accept my Condolence” is not enough when writing a condolence note to a loved one. But if the condolence is related to your job, then there is usually more distance and saying please accept my condolence would be appropriate.
But the fact that you write a condolence note says a lot. It tells the recipient that you mean something as a person and you are more than merely a customer, employee or co worker.
Thus simple of the condolence note by writing something like please accept my condolence underscores that you took the time and you care. But ……

Aug 17, 2010

Short condolence message

Although most of us dread writing a short condolence message with words of sympathy, yet it is important to extend our condolences if you care about the person who has died and those that are left behind.
You can compose a short condolence message regardless of the situation. Here you can write something personal and appropriate each time. The secret to writing a short condolence message is sincerity.
There are times when you loosen up and dare to trust your instincts, you will be able to free the flow of words and be yourself and this is what really matters.
A Short ……

Jun 15, 2009

“Google Classic”, the google search service at the end of Internet!

When you talk about internet giant, the first name that pops up is “google! Google is currently ruling the entire web with it into nearly every web technology you can think of. It is best known for its superfast and highly reliable search engine. But how would it survive when the internet comes to an end? Take a look below:

Google Post card

They will never stop giving you the search engine services. With the end of internet, google will resort to regular postal service for searching anything. Just that, this time the result will not be ……

Aug 27, 2008

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