pioneer vsx 1019ah k review

pioneer vsx 1019ah k review

Pioneer vsx 1019ah k

If you are looking for an iPod Dock, there is an amazing product from Pioneer that is the best Audio Video receiver aimed at iPod fanatics. The AV receiver is very convenient for the user and one just needs to connect the iPod to the front panel of the stylish AV receiver and enjoy your favorite tracks. It is also possible to navigate to your favorite playlist via the TV screen. The model comes with some of the latest technology and HDMI input with multiform facility. The HDMI cables are mainly sued for transmitting Audio Video data directly to the receiver without having to clog your living spaces with a large number of wires and extensions. This device has also earned the prestigious Editors’ Choice award as it has been touted to be the next big thing in the audio gadgets and connectors’ industry.

Pioneer VSX 1019AH K Review for design

The AV receiver is stylish and sleek version of all types of AV receivers. It is available with a black gloss that is pretty eye catching in the living room. The AV receiver can be placed in front of the television and one can use it for entertainment as well as gaming. The availability of HDMI cables with the right cable port makes it possible for the users to make an easy connection with the device.

Pioneer VSX 1019AH K Review for user interface

The model has a full colored Graphical user interface. It is a delight for most iPod lovers who are required to purchase the expensive iPod docks for viewing all files from the iPod via the computer screen. The AV receiver is also ideal for music lovers who can navigate to their favorite playlist in no time. There are features that make it possible to view the photo gallery in the iPod.

Pioneer VSX 1019AH K Review for setup

The Multi-channel Acoustic calibration that is available in the device is highly appreciated by the critics as it gives outstanding performance and can intelligently identify speaker size and range, and alters the volume accordingly.

Pioneer VSX 1019AH K Review for audio performance

Pioneer gives an iconic performance when it comes to Audio output that is ideally suited for high sound quality as the music dynamics are highly enhanced with the AV receiver.

Pioneer VSX 1019AH K Review for video performance

The model of Pioneer is capable of passing the full resolution as a DVD player and is also used for converting Video format into readable form.

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