Please accept my condolence

Simply writing “Please accept my Condolence” is not enough when writing a condolence note to a loved one. But if the condolence is related to your job, then there is usually more distance and saying please accept my condolence would be appropriate.

But the fact that you write a condolence note says a lot. It tells the recipient that you mean something as a person and you are more than merely a customer, employee or co worker.

Thus simple of the condolence note by writing something like please accept my condolence underscores that you took the time and you care. But before you write a condolence note you must make sure to get the facts straight, however or else a thoughtful gesture may turn into an embarrassment.

Thus one must be careful to read into the details in the obituary or else such kind of mishaps can undo your good intentions.

If you knew the deceased then while writing the condolence note  you can take a jog down the memory lane, make a list of words that come to your mind, such as gentle, vivacious, fiery, passionate, outspoken, loyal, dignified, talented, affectionate, courageous, loyal, dependable, wise and intelligent in order to describe the deceased.

This can be concluded by please accept my condolence to make it more formal. The key to writing a condolence message is being honest, simple and brief.

It is important to keep your condolence note short, unless you have known the deceased very well. If you make a mistake, you must make sure to focus on the fault and apologizing to the bereaved as soon as possible.

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