Please accept our condolences

It is important to choose your words wisely when writing a condolence note. You can use the words, “please accept our condolences” or you could chang

e the words but the thoughts ad sentiments will remain the same.

Every word, quote that we write in the condolence note or every word that we speak has an origin deep rooted in the spirit of mankind throughout history. It is that one kind word that goes a long way in consoling the bereaved.

Words that are written on piece of paper have always been a powerful and meaningful means for connecting us with each other as we use them in tribute to one another’s deeds and actions.

The words “Please accept our condolences” has been used since along period of time and it is amazing how these words never cease to be valuable in comforting the bereaved.

Each person seeks to end his letters with words of affection and please accept my sincere condolence .As you begin your journey with words, consider creating few lines that show you care.

When writing a condolence note it is important to consider the closing part of the note as important as the starting and this will make every word count.

The art of writing condolences knows that writing by hand makes you feel good inside. Even a simple condolence message with “please accept my condolences” is better than the best e mail.

A good handwritten note is the work of art, it says to the reader that you matter to him as you thought about the grief you are going through and you want to share the grief and extend your sympathies.

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