Pogoplug Pro

Pogoplug Pro is a device for plugging and playing that has a function of changing any USB hard drive or thumbdrive into Internet connected data drops for the purpose of keeping files as well as sharing them. There is a built-in Wi-Fi together with other software options.

The design of Pogoplug Pro is not very attractive. The Pogoplug Pro has to be kept on a table or a stand and needs a longer power cord. There are three USB ports on the back side of this device and one USB port towards the front end. Hard drives can be removed as well as interchanged without any dificulty.

Pogoplug Pro makes it possible for interfacing the drives by three ways. One is by going to the website directly with a web browser, another way is using a software that may be downloaded and the third is through mobile phone application.

Pogoplug Pro has easy access to the Wi-Fi by first plugging with the help of ethernet to a router and then do some settings for getting network connections. This device has the convenience of being used anywhere by just plugging it in a source. This device makes file sharing experience pretty good.

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